In and Through:


Shalom and Blessings,

This is the day the Lord has made!

Let us rejoice and be glad !! Our Father has great and mighty things prepared for you today.
His word says, when we seek Him, we will find Him.

There is a new portal that is open before you today.He is teaching us, for the tests that will be just ahead .Luke 11:1,11
This is what He request of us.

Your five scenes are a portal to your gates. Be sure you are aware what you allow in. Jesus knows the plans for you today and always. So seek Him while He can be found.

There is no time to go about as it was yesterday. YOU are called to be about your Fathers business.Today as we join together fasting and prayer we become more focused. Just as Shadrach ,Meshach, and Abednego stood in there place of trust and faith. Others look at you. How are you affected by the tests the battles, and assaults that are in your way right in now?
In Daniel 3:25. LOOK! Nebuchadnezzar shouted. I see 4 men ,UNBOUND,walking around in the fire UNHARMED! And the 4th LOOKS like a God
Jesus is asking, when others see you in the fire, do they Jesus with you ? Do they see you walking in faith or fear?Is Jesus beside you? Jesus wants you to know today, that any battle you go through ,He will always be with you, and you will win. When you let Him in !!
If all things were easy ,what victory would you obtain? You are qualified to enter into the battles.

Jesus wants us to hear, and listen to the sound. The sound of, His voice. John 10:1,5 Here is another portal (gate) How is it that you are allowing others to see Jesus in you ? Jesus is calling you, by name today and leading you out of the fire.(verse 4) After he has gathered his own flock,he walks ahead of them and they follow him because they know his voice.

So today , open your heart.Let not it be troubled. Know your Fathers voice. You are His and He loves you!

LISTEN; Give attention to a sound ,pay attention,heed,obey,to wait attentively for a sound to HEAR what someone has said and understand .
HEARING; The faculty of perceiving sound.,chance to speak, the act of taking in sound.

Today close what needs to be closed, and open that what YOU know needs to be open,. Let others see JESUS in and with YOU..

Taking a knee

Karen Droke

There is Hope









In the Valley

This year is coming to a end. Some of us are taking the time to reflect. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned .

I do think some were unnecessary! Yet still I know the understanding will fall into place as it is needed. As you have noticed I have not been posting very much.There is a struggle that I have always carried inside of me . One day I hope to release it. It isn’t like I even want to keep it .I am  not some one that quits. I may pause for a season or longer,yet I do not quit .Even when there are times I know I should .

When there is a loss ,there is a desire to find the things that are gone. As when a friend looses a ring they can describe it but until you see it you cant fully understand the completeness of it .

Now that I am older, I have been able to walk  with patience, endurance , persistence determination, along  tenacity (some may mistake it as a chip on your shoulder)

As a child I watched people. Maybe that was due to the fact I knew that there was some thing different about me. I was not allowed to speak ,unless spoken to. Even then I was shut down or made fun of. Please hear me when I say .I NEVER WANT PITY, I NEVER ACCEPT PITY.  I want the knowledge,wisdom and understanding .Letting others know that you are of value. You do have words to say that can make a difference in others .Go ahead and step out of the box others have put you in.

We all go through life learning something ,I have learned to share, let others know that just ahead of them is victory.

I am not accepting the fact that I have a very low IQ, I am not accepting my reading and spelling can be limited.

I am accepting that .I will, I have, and I  will always keep pressing my self to a new place of trying ,a new place of doing. For each one of us we need to be grateful for who we are.

I reveal my fears, my insecurities my failures . I am not ashamed of them. I am learning from them. Those short coming have been my next step on my ladder to go higher in my journey. As the saying goes, make lemonade with those lemons you have ! As for me ,I will always share what I have with others .  Drink up 🙂

I want to help, that is my gift . I have been in many battles in my life .Most of them I came through ,some I lost.The pressures,torture, and the sadness  that can  come to people that battle with insecurities of any kind is real .

I started writing this  message a hour ago. That is okay !I will complete sharing what is on my heart.Even though I have developed a migraine ,since this last thirty minutes . Which effects my eye sight .Even though I type slowly . Even though some people may not be able to follow my thinking .

It is  a victory for me ,I am not quitting !When I started this blog ,I stated that I wanted to  create a challenge. I may not be the fastest,the smartest , the most proper.I am one that  will share the lemonade .

I know I am not the only person out there that has dreams and desires . You want to see them come to pass ,so that you can then create even more.What I have learned is always keep your self in the place where God says you are to be.









Did you push the button?

Today, what if…

What if you were the one hurting,

Step in Step up Step out….

the one in need .What if your money was not enough to feed your family today?What if you  your joy was no longer yours?

When was the last time you stood still? Looking and listening. Maybe while you are at a ball game, the shopping mall, maybe even in church.As I am a survivor,I  find myself seeing the hurt in the lives of others.While asking God, how can I help?One thing I have found is, many people do not want to go to that place, their place of pain.I can see where people pile work, pressures, pain ,and fears, all the emotions they do not want to deal with.They place their pain into their  hiding place.

What I have found and, this is me. I don’t speak for any one else, I dont know a lot , I can’t recall all. I’m not well learned ,that I have accepted.What  I do know is PAIN .

It is real,it is in each of us. What is important is where do you put your pain.Also pain for one may be a great joy for someone else. We will become a stronger,healthier world when judgement of others end. We don’t have the right to judge yet  still we do. We dont get the right to have our way in others life.Yet we do are best to make others feel the ways we believe we want them to be.

When new life is born it is a great time. For others it can be sorrow,maybe they lost a child, maybe they can’t have a child.What we are called to do is LOVE. And in our love our pain will be healed!

*1Corinthians13:4    Love IS patient and kind.Love is NOT jealous or boastful or proud (v 5)or rude.It does NOT demand its own way.It is NOT irritable and it keeps NO record of being wronged.(6)It does NOT rejoice about injustice but rejoices  whenever the truth wins out.(7)LOVE NEVER GIVES UP,NEVER LOSES FAITH,is always hopeful,and endures through every circumstance.

I just now had to stop.I saw where I did NOT release a wrong done to me .I was a very small thing, and yet I put it in my place of ,  (its ok place) I will just bury it .

What happens is when we truly become real with God (in us )He reveals His love! Then the hurt becomes  the healed .

Can you see the hurt in others? Or is your pain all you see ?I have found as I reach out to others. Jesus reaches to me.I would like to encourage you to open the pain.Hit the remote.Just like we have  a electric remote to use for our cars to go into  garage for protection. Use Gods love to open the  door  to the pain.He is our protection!

So when your remote does not work ,your choice is the leave the car in the drive,(letting the pain to go unprotected).Or get out and open the door yourself.( Dont pack the pain)

Here is one to chew on…My car is broke ,and there is no room in the garage <:

Would love to hear your thoughts !!

One that walks on, Never alone !


Karen,(as I am )





Can broken be used?

Do you feel like your pain is so deep,for so long it can never be fixed?Do you wish you never had the cracks in your life showing your hurts? There is a reason for every thing Ecclesiastes 3.There is a time for every thing.

This week is hard for me, maybe it is the fact that over 30 years ago my mother died of cancer.Or a year ago my best fur friend Winston my old English sheepdog ,that walked with me through everything for 15 years is now gone .Or maybe it is that 7 years ago I sold a blessed company God gave me, and I sold it on the same day as my other 2 events .

Do you ever feel broken? Have you ever  felt a crack in you that is leaking and something is coming you out ? Do you wonder, will you ever make a difference?May I  I remind you ,a reason for everything I am not qualified to  produced a prosperous. company I am not qualified to write.  I a not qualified to do much as when life looks at broken ,we place it aside.


BROKENNESS:  comes in many ways,Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.

You can find a way to have the brokenness work . Allow Jesus to heal ,and restore you .Gather all the broken pieces into the original container ,crush the whole part of the hurt,(even the parts that may not be broken).

Allow the broken pieces to create a new !


Take your brokenness and lift it to God , He creates ALL things New !  Isaiah 43:18 ,19 Remember not the former things,nor consider the things of old.Behold I am doing a new thing,now it spring forth,do you not perceive  it?I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Broken  making a way !