Did you push the button?

Today, what if…

What if you were the one hurting,

Step in Step up Step out….

the one in need .What if your money was not enough to feed your family today?What if you  your joy was no longer yours?

When was the last time you stood still? Looking and listening. Maybe while you are at a ball game, the shopping mall, maybe even in church.As I am a survivor,I  find myself seeing the hurt in the lives of others.While asking God, how can I help?One thing I have found is, many people do not want to go to that place, their place of pain.I can see where people pile work, pressures, pain ,and fears, all the emotions they do not want to deal with.They place their pain into their  hiding place.

What I have found and, this is me. I don’t speak for any one else, I dont know a lot , I can’t recall all. I’m not well learned ,that I have accepted.What  I do know is PAIN .

It is real,it is in each of us. What is important is where do you put your pain.Also pain for one may be a great joy for someone else. We will become a stronger,healthier world when judgement of others end. We don’t have the right to judge yet  still we do. We dont get the right to have our way in others life.Yet we do are best to make others feel the ways we believe we want them to be.

When new life is born it is a great time. For others it can be sorrow,maybe they lost a child, maybe they can’t have a child.What we are called to do is LOVE. And in our love our pain will be healed!

*1Corinthians13:4    Love IS patient and kind.Love is NOT jealous or boastful or proud (v 5)or rude.It does NOT demand its own way.It is NOT irritable and it keeps NO record of being wronged.(6)It does NOT rejoice about injustice but rejoices  whenever the truth wins out.(7)LOVE NEVER GIVES UP,NEVER LOSES FAITH,is always hopeful,and endures through every circumstance.

I just now had to stop.I saw where I did NOT release a wrong done to me .I was a very small thing, and yet I put it in my place of ,  (its ok place) I will just bury it .

What happens is when we truly become real with God (in us )He reveals His love! Then the hurt becomes  the healed .

Can you see the hurt in others? Or is your pain all you see ?I have found as I reach out to others. Jesus reaches to me.I would like to encourage you to open the pain.Hit the remote.Just like we have  a electric remote to use for our cars to go into  garage for protection. Use Gods love to open the  door  to the pain.He is our protection!

So when your remote does not work ,your choice is the leave the car in the drive,(letting the pain to go unprotected).Or get out and open the door yourself.( Dont pack the pain)

Here is one to chew on…My car is broke ,and there is no room in the garage <:

Would love to hear your thoughts !!

One that walks on, Never alone !


Karen,(as I am )





Can broken be used?

Do you feel like your pain is so deep,for so long it can never be fixed?Do you wish you never had the cracks in your life showing your hurts? There is a reason for every thing Ecclesiastes 3.There is a time for every thing.

This week is hard for me, maybe it is the fact that over 30 years ago my mother died of cancer.Or a year ago my best fur friend Winston my old English sheepdog ,that walked with me through everything for 15 years is now gone .Or maybe it is that 7 years ago I sold a blessed company God gave me, and I sold it on the same day as my other 2 events .

Do you ever feel broken? Have you ever  felt a crack in you that is leaking and something is coming you out ? Do you wonder, will you ever make a difference?May I  I remind you ,a reason for everything I am not qualified to  produced a prosperous. company I am not qualified to write.  I a not qualified to do much as when life looks at broken ,we place it aside.


BROKENNESS:  comes in many ways,Having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.

You can find a way to have the brokenness work . Allow Jesus to heal ,and restore you .Gather all the broken pieces into the original container ,crush the whole part of the hurt,(even the parts that may not be broken).

Allow the broken pieces to create a new !


Take your brokenness and lift it to God , He creates ALL things New !  Isaiah 43:18 ,19 Remember not the former things,nor consider the things of old.Behold I am doing a new thing,now it spring forth,do you not perceive  it?I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Broken  making a way !



Your Journey

Hello and welcome

Today I want to have us take a look at where we are ,where we have been and what have we seen Than  look at what have we learned.I took a  five-day trip this week to a place I had never been before. I like to be in control. I need to know all the details , what will I do,where is it I am going.?Who will I meet there.I enjoy questions I  am an explorer.

Yet this trip was totally different , I am not sure I recall ever having such adventure, freedom, excitement and peace. I had expectations without knowing what to expect. Have you ever felt that way ?

I don’t want to assume, yet I imagine a lot of people use the navigation in their cars or on their phones.I had almost a month to seek out what I might want to do on my five-day journey. I froze .Not completely, just enough where I did not do any research of the surrounding area.It seemed over whelming for some reason. So here I am ready to go and explore in a what I hear to be a beautiful area.

Plane lands, the car  is rented. My journey has begun..  First stop just down the road. There is a sweet  pleasant little store. It has every  kind of food with cherries in it that you can imagine. Right there just  on the road side. There are  small containers with samples any kind  you desire. Outside you  will see rows and rows of  different types  cherry trees. Of course I knew I was supposed to taste and try! ( yum)

I am enchanted, how can  a simple stop do so much in me ? After some time (I didn’t think long)I could hear my husband call me from the orchard , its time to go ,come on !

So now I had a taste of  real ,natural sweetness. It was amazing ! I felt like a butterfly. Free, carefree. I guess I thought I can just  drift along seeing smelling and tasting life.

What  I also  began to notice is that I. Yes  me, the one that can say I like to be aware of whats happening. This week I just didn’t care.Maybe that is why I did not do research  the trip. I love the story of the butterfly ,when it is  coming out of the cocoon .I found the process from egg to butterfly is weather  dependent and also depends on the regional climate. It  can  range from about seven days to more than a year,but for a large number of species it is less than thirty days. Butterflies are very important to pollinate. They provide food for song birds. Monarch butterflies use internal compass to find their way. Butterflies have a pair of molecules in their brains that are sensitive to the earths magnetic field in much the same way as a compass and they can use these in combination with information from the position of the sun.

So now back to me! I did not use the compass . I just did not care where I ended up at. I went north I found an amazing lavender  field. Of course I had to get out of the car and explore ! I had never seen such beautiful purple colors, there were rows and rows. Complete with bees . I was told don’t worry they wont bother you . So I did not let them bother me . I sat right down in the middle of the field and shared their world if only for a bit.Again the smells, the sight and if you listened you could hear the sound of the bees . Still no anxiety, no fears, no worries ! What was happening to me ? It felt so right. Like a garment made for you.

So now on my second day I had looked  back at the places in my mind I had traveled. Alone ,and with no help from technology. I was proud of me ,I was floating along. Of course there are people who may never need  any help , they just know. Good for you !

I am a very special one, as I am told !  I embrace that .I knew I started  on my new journey .Ready here I come . I tried, I tested I liked , I received this challenge. There was a lesson yes several I was going to learn .

When I trust who God has made me , When I walk through the fears in my mind that are not really real. when I let the open door in front of me lead me on.There will be things we can see clearly we can hear deeply and the taste that is not just in your lips it flows completely through you . you become the one you know you were created to be .

The five days I experienced new every day  .I made me reach up and out . I took the pauses. Do you want to find your journey ?

The path is right there in front of you .When you try to go back to the way you came  from it doesn’t always show you the same things . You may be on the same trail, yet you need  open your self to look  ,see hear and taste what is on your trail.

It’s not that I’ve never ever  rented a car, taken a trip, or eaten a cherry . Its I opened myself up  to the journey . When you challenge your self you grow , you see the beauty that is all around ,you will be able to walk on the new trail that is yours that is just the next step you take .One day I was not wanting to do any thing .I feel like ,just stop..there is nothing really worth going after now ,you had your fun ,just stay in your room. It was rainy cold drizzle And there the path again lead to my journey .A wonderful island  with history and even treasures I was able to find  .I felt like I had waited my whole life to be on this, was it part of my destiny?I certainly believe so . Moments in time stood still for me while I looked over the sea to almost pinch my self my destiny and me we are meeting . When you have the fears and doubts as we all do ,stand as a tree planted by the water ,not moved. I roots go deep ,yet does not break ,it has a purpose .

As we took the fairy boat back, we had the same path, but the winds were not as strong we saw things we were able to on the way out .Again the path you travel has many views ,it is you that needs to look and see what is on the journey.

I must tell you this one day , My husband had to work ,I do not know any one  in this town. What I do know is fear was leaving. I am seeing myself in the way I though one day maybe I could  be .Adventure instead of hiding .Faith no fear, love no anger.

Who is this woman I wondered, just for a moment than I knew she was the little girl others left behind.leaving the rejection and now coming to freedom. What all could I find?

One of  most wonderful thing happen as I had become comfortable and proud, happy and excited . I found it !

There right in front of me was a CASTLE. How can this be? My heart beat deeply, jumping with great thankfulness. And the  lump in my throat, I’m sure if I swallowed tears would  pour out of my eyes! Way back where I’ m not sure how far.I  recall I placed my self in a dream, a desire, a hope . That one day ,all of  the pain in my  life along with people who took away my childhood and tried to destroy my destiny. Well here I now stand in front of my castle .

I had to pace the floor, I had to say , over and over, yes you must go in! I felt unworthy.

For others it was just a building. For me, I was going to let the little girl free, let her out .

The innocence taken. The dreams shattered ,and hope questioned.  I knew my husband could not be there he had other responsibilities .I would not be able to return as my time was over for this trip. I MUST face more fear ..Rejection ,as I write this now I hold back the tears!Yes what each  one of us face is real yet please I tell you truth . THERE IS A POWER,  STRENGTH HOPE AND GREAT VICTORY, WHEN YOU WALK UP TO THE FEAR, I FIND I GET A BETTER VIEW AND I WALK THROUGH IT….

It was another land mark for I have known Jesus my BEST FRIEND since the age of 4 .He surely has never left me.The wars He has brought me through.There are battle scares, yet I HOLD THE KEY, IT IS TO MY FREEDOM !

This journey took me several hours and many tears. I had it to the 3rd  station. Than as I turned the corner to see what was there …..

It was my destiny nugget. Breathtaking,flowers butterflies  streams the wonder. I thought, get a grip!! But I knew it was about LETTING the grip GO . (you can read about it on the other posts) I took just a few steps and there in front of me …The tower!! I heard me as tears flowed down my cheeks .Karen I let you go, come down .You are free! No more chains .  No more fear. FREE ,I cried and cried. I  was real happy no one was there to see me. I’m pretty sure others were glad to be there .

So as I tried to process ,maintain , relax, and just breathe.I walked to the next station . I so felt Jesus was leading guiding ,helping and holding me .

My mother was abused,and so she abused me .I didn’t get to know her as she gave me away to possibly my grand mother for a while .Then at age 14 I ran away to live on my own .So the time and memories are not many . One thing I do know is she also had a friend Jesus ,and I believe it is only Him that has done these miracles .She has a locket ,that is all I got from her in her 43 years of life . Inside read Romans 8:28. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose .

After I was at the next station . Another awesome peaceful, beautiful flowers and a brook. I could see a stone was just before the water. I bent down to read it ….

It said ROMANS 8 28! I WENT TO MY KNEES AND THANKED GOD !! My mother was with me Jesus truly cares for us . When you follow Him ,you are always on His path. THE ONLY RIGHT ONE !

So As I child , God knew I would be right  here writing to others that may not feel they can find  their purpose or maybe you think you’re not on the right path . May I say to you GOD WORKS FOR THE GOOD . YOU are worth every step.He walk with you, and He talks with you !

From His heart,

One who cares…

Karen, Gods princess forever.









We are to live our live  the best we can . If the past has taken you down a path where  your journey is full of fear .. Face it and draw near to the journey you are on facing