Did you push the button?

Today, what if…

What if you were the one hurting,

Step in Step up Step out….

the one in need .What if your money was not enough to feed your family today?What if you  your joy was no longer yours?

When was the last time you stood still? Looking and listening. Maybe while you are at a ball game, the shopping mall, maybe even in church.As I am a survivor,I  find myself seeing the hurt in the lives of others.While asking God, how can I help?One thing I have found is, many people do not want to go to that place, their place of pain.I can see where people pile work, pressures, pain ,and fears, all the emotions they do not want to deal with.They place their pain into their  hiding place.

What I have found and, this is me. I don’t speak for any one else, I dont know a lot , I can’t recall all. I’m not well learned ,that I have accepted.What  I do know is PAIN .

It is real,it is in each of us. What is important is where do you put your pain.Also pain for one may be a great joy for someone else. We will become a stronger,healthier world when judgement of others end. We don’t have the right to judge yet  still we do. We dont get the right to have our way in others life.Yet we do are best to make others feel the ways we believe we want them to be.

When new life is born it is a great time. For others it can be sorrow,maybe they lost a child, maybe they can’t have a child.What we are called to do is LOVE. And in our love our pain will be healed!

*1Corinthians13:4    Love IS patient and kind.Love is NOT jealous or boastful or proud (v 5)or rude.It does NOT demand its own way.It is NOT irritable and it keeps NO record of being wronged.(6)It does NOT rejoice about injustice but rejoices  whenever the truth wins out.(7)LOVE NEVER GIVES UP,NEVER LOSES FAITH,is always hopeful,and endures through every circumstance.

I just now had to stop.I saw where I did NOT release a wrong done to me .I was a very small thing, and yet I put it in my place of ,  (its ok place) I will just bury it .

What happens is when we truly become real with God (in us )He reveals His love! Then the hurt becomes  the healed .

Can you see the hurt in others? Or is your pain all you see ?I have found as I reach out to others. Jesus reaches to me.I would like to encourage you to open the pain.Hit the remote.Just like we have  a electric remote to use for our cars to go into  garage for protection. Use Gods love to open the  door  to the pain.He is our protection!

So when your remote does not work ,your choice is the leave the car in the drive,(letting the pain to go unprotected).Or get out and open the door yourself.( Dont pack the pain)

Here is one to chew on…My car is broke ,and there is no room in the garage <:

Would love to hear your thoughts !!

One that walks on, Never alone !


Karen,(as I am )





Author: freshstart4you2

I am a christian, a mother ,wife and grandma.I have spent my life giving compassion,love and Integrity with laughter, to all I meet .I have always volunteered in numerical places.I enjoy giving to the elderly,children and people that are looking for validation.To love and laugh with being someone who cares. I do not have degrees, awards, or plaques to show you . What I do have is a real life that has overcome physical,mental, sexual and emotional abuse, drug overdose and hit by a driver that left me on the side of the road . I AM PROUD OF THE SCARES I HAVE TO SHOW YOU , AS THEY ARE PROOF,GOD IS REAL !!

One thought on “Did you push the button?”

  1. Well, I tried to leave a comment for the last blog entry you wrote but I think it’s taking me back to the first one.

    I think everyone struggles with pain. Gosh, I think God will continue to bring up things we didn’t even know we still had in us, so that we can be healed. If you don’t know then you don’t know.

    Only, Holy Spirit can go that deep to reveal those things to us.

    I know I started to get triggered about 2 years ago from a job loss, well I believe that situation was meant for me to know I still had hurts in me that I didn’t even know I had. I was delivered of so many things but I was a newbie and I have been only walking with the Lord for 6 years now. So, looking back just to examine the path I have been on. I see His hand in my life for the past 6 years radically change my life.

    Although, He was with me in everything I went through. There is a time set aside that He calls us. Mine was 6 years ago.

    I think I just even read a verse about that last night. Let me dig it up!

    Right here in Galatians 4:1-5

    Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is a master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father. 3. Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. 4. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son born of a women, born under the law. 5 to reedem those under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.

    Obviously, literally, scripturely God is speaking about Jesus being born and through him we are brought into adoption but the Bible is like a mirror.

    The Holy Spirit goes deep in us and whispers to our spirits.

    That is the revelation I got from these versus.

    That the Lord had an appointed time for those he chose and He was with us even when we were children in bondage under the world elements. He had guardians and stewards watching over us until His appointed time that He would call us.

    I agree sometimes it’s easier to hang on to the pain to guard yourself from anymor hurt.

    However, I believe people do this without even realizing they are doing it.

    That’s why some situations we are put into can and will be used for our good as God desires us to be more and more like Jesus His image.

    He has to go deep into us to reveal the pain that we may not otherwise known we had.

    I know I had a few testing periods here through these past years and I know stuff was brought out of me, that I didn’t know I still had.

    People ask all the time but how to you let go…

    For me it’s an everyday thing of not picking it back up and trusting God with it.

    That’s how anyone is ever going to let go and be set free!

    Jesus is the key to freedom but it doesn’t ever mean we will fully arrive.

    In life we will get hurt.

    I also believe God’s word is the washing of the word. The only way to get healed and stay healed is to stay renewing our minds.

    So, that we can be transformed into the new creation that we are.

    However, that is not an over night process. God is always working on us.

    Thanks for the blog read and I hope this comment will post.

    Not sure if I am doing it right.

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