In the Valley

This year is coming to a end. Some of us are taking the time to reflect. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned .

I do think some were unnecessary! Yet still I know the understanding will fall into place as it is needed. As you have noticed I have not been posting very much.There is a struggle that I have always carried inside of me . One day I hope to release it. It isn’t like I even want to keep it .I am  not some one that quits. I may pause for a season or longer,yet I do not quit .Even when there are times I know I should .

When there is a loss ,there is a desire to find the things that are gone. As when a friend looses a ring they can describe it but until you see it you cant fully understand the completeness of it .

Now that I am older, I have been able to walk  with patience, endurance , persistence determination, along  tenacity (some may mistake it as a chip on your shoulder)

As a child I watched people. Maybe that was due to the fact I knew that there was some thing different about me. I was not allowed to speak ,unless spoken to. Even then I was shut down or made fun of. Please hear me when I say .I NEVER WANT PITY, I NEVER ACCEPT PITY.  I want the knowledge,wisdom and understanding .Letting others know that you are of value. You do have words to say that can make a difference in others .Go ahead and step out of the box others have put you in.

We all go through life learning something ,I have learned to share, let others know that just ahead of them is victory.

I am not accepting the fact that I have a very low IQ, I am not accepting my reading and spelling can be limited.

I am accepting that .I will, I have, and I  will always keep pressing my self to a new place of trying ,a new place of doing. For each one of us we need to be grateful for who we are.

I reveal my fears, my insecurities my failures . I am not ashamed of them. I am learning from them. Those short coming have been my next step on my ladder to go higher in my journey. As the saying goes, make lemonade with those lemons you have ! As for me ,I will always share what I have with others .  Drink up 🙂

I want to help, that is my gift . I have been in many battles in my life .Most of them I came through ,some I lost.The pressures,torture, and the sadness  that can  come to people that battle with insecurities of any kind is real .

I started writing this  message a hour ago. That is okay !I will complete sharing what is on my heart.Even though I have developed a migraine ,since this last thirty minutes . Which effects my eye sight .Even though I type slowly . Even though some people may not be able to follow my thinking .

It is  a victory for me ,I am not quitting !When I started this blog ,I stated that I wanted to  create a challenge. I may not be the fastest,the smartest , the most proper.I am one that  will share the lemonade .

I know I am not the only person out there that has dreams and desires . You want to see them come to pass ,so that you can then create even more.What I have learned is always keep your self in the place where God says you are to be.










Author: freshstart4you2

I am a christian, a mother ,wife and grandma.I have spent my life giving compassion,love and Integrity with laughter, to all I meet .I have always volunteered in numerical places.I enjoy giving to the elderly,children and people that are looking for validation.To love and laugh with being someone who cares. I do not have degrees, awards, or plaques to show you . What I do have is a real life that has overcome physical,mental, sexual and emotional abuse, drug overdose and hit by a driver that left me on the side of the road . I AM PROUD OF THE SCARES I HAVE TO SHOW YOU , AS THEY ARE PROOF,GOD IS REAL !!

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