In and Through:


Shalom and Blessings,

This is the day the Lord has made!

Let us rejoice and be glad !! Our Father has great and mighty things prepared for you today.
His word says, when we seek Him, we will find Him.

There is a new portal that is open before you today.He is teaching us, for the tests that will be just ahead .Luke 11:1,11
This is what He request of us.

Your five scenes are a portal to your gates. Be sure you are aware what you allow in. Jesus knows the plans for you today and always. So seek Him while He can be found.

There is no time to go about as it was yesterday. YOU are called to be about your Fathers business.Today as we join together fasting and prayer we become more focused. Just as Shadrach ,Meshach, and Abednego stood in there place of trust and faith. Others look at you. How are you affected by the tests the battles, and assaults that are in your way right in now?
In Daniel 3:25. LOOK! Nebuchadnezzar shouted. I see 4 men ,UNBOUND,walking around in the fire UNHARMED! And the 4th LOOKS like a God
Jesus is asking, when others see you in the fire, do they Jesus with you ? Do they see you walking in faith or fear?Is Jesus beside you? Jesus wants you to know today, that any battle you go through ,He will always be with you, and you will win. When you let Him in !!
If all things were easy ,what victory would you obtain? You are qualified to enter into the battles.

Jesus wants us to hear, and listen to the sound. The sound of, His voice. John 10:1,5 Here is another portal (gate) How is it that you are allowing others to see Jesus in you ? Jesus is calling you, by name today and leading you out of the fire.(verse 4) After he has gathered his own flock,he walks ahead of them and they follow him because they know his voice.

So today , open your heart.Let not it be troubled. Know your Fathers voice. You are His and He loves you!

LISTEN; Give attention to a sound ,pay attention,heed,obey,to wait attentively for a sound to HEAR what someone has said and understand .
HEARING; The faculty of perceiving sound.,chance to speak, the act of taking in sound.

Today close what needs to be closed, and open that what YOU know needs to be open,. Let others see JESUS in and with YOU..

Taking a knee

Karen Droke

There is Hope









Author: freshstart4you2

I am a christian, a mother ,wife and grandma.I have spent my life giving compassion,love and Integrity with laughter, to all I meet .I have always volunteered in numerical places.I enjoy giving to the elderly,children and people that are looking for validation.To love and laugh with being someone who cares. I do not have degrees, awards, or plaques to show you . What I do have is a real life that has overcome physical,mental, sexual and emotional abuse, drug overdose and hit by a driver that left me on the side of the road . I AM PROUD OF THE SCARES I HAVE TO SHOW YOU , AS THEY ARE PROOF,GOD IS REAL !!

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